Viveiro International Traditional Folk Festival

Praktisk informasjon


  • Aktivitet: Festival
  • Tema: Music, Spanish folk


The Viveiro International Traditional Folk Festival came into being in 1979 and takes place during the first fortnight in August. The festival is organised by the “Bágoas da Terra” dance group.

This event is held to coincide with the local patron saints' fiestas - San Roque and Nuestra Señora. The performances of the different groups take place on a stage set up in Viveiro's Plaza Mayor square, attended by some 6,000 to 7,000 spectators each day. The festival programme brings together groups from all over the world, presenting their music, dance and folklore.

Praktisk informasjon

  • Dato: Ubekreftet 2015
  • Sted: Viveiro (Lugo. Galicia)

Tlf. +34 982560444

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  • Ubekreftet 2015

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