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  • Las Minas. Puerto flamenco tour. Las Minas Festival in Malaga. Málaga.



    …Plaza del Ejido, 5. 29013. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Teatro Cánovas. E-mail:…

  • Exhibition: Picasso: key moments. Málaga.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 03/12/2014 tot 12/10/2015

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 951926660 | E-mail: The house in Malaga where Picasso was born (now a museum) hosts this exhibition, comprising 18 works tha…

  • Maratón Cabberty Málaga. Málaga.

    Calendar | Sports


    …Calle Miguel Mérida Nicolich, 2. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) E-mail: The streets of Malaga (Andalusia), in the heart of the Costa del Sol, serve as the venue for this race…

  • Picasso and German Art. Málaga.


    Vanaf 19/10/2015 tot 21/02/2016

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 951926660 | E-mail: This exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Malaga shows for the first time the results of research …

  • Easter week in Malaga. Málaga.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    Vanaf 20/03/2016 tot 27/03/2016

    …Paseo Antonio Machado nº 12, 5ª Planta, torre B. 29061. Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) E-mail: One of the most moving moments occurs on Good Friday in the Plaza de Arri…

  • Malaga Spanish Film Festival. Málaga.

    Calendar | Cultural

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) Fax.: +34 952227760 | E-mail: Since 1998, the city of Malaga in Andalusia has hosted this festival dedicated to showcasing and promoti…

  • Malaga Fair. Málaga.

    Calendar | Fiestas

    …Málaga. Malaga. (Andalusia) E-mail: The Malaga fair commemorates the city's capture by the Catholic Monarchs in August 1487, and is celebrated with a range of activi…