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  • Zoom Igualada. European TV Film and Film Festival. Igualada.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 25/11/2015 tot 29/11/2015

    …Igualada. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 938039428 | The Zoom Igualada, European TV Film and Film Festival, formerly known as the Igualada European TV Film and Film Festival, has been held …

  • Exhibition: World Press Photo. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 12/11/2015 tot 13/12/2015

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 933064101 | E-mail: A touring show of the best images published in communications media all over the world. This exhibition offe…

  • Sailing: Christmas Race Regatta. Palamós.

    Calendar | Sports

    Vanaf 17/12/2015 tot 22/12/2015

    …Palamós. Girona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 972316449 | E-mail: Once again, this year sees the year’s most seasonal regatta, the Christmas Race, in waters off the Costa Brava. Ol…

  • Exhibition: What's New? Velázquez. Figueres.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 23/02/2015 tot 31/12/2015

    …Figueres. Girona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 972501666 | E-mail: This temporary exhibition at the Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres features the main artworks that the Ca…

  • 17th-century still lifes. Barcelona.


    Vanaf 01/10/2015 tot 31/12/2015

    …Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 936220383 | E-mail: The National Art Museum of Catalonia presents a selection of 15 still lifes by Spani…

  • Exhibition: Picasso and the Reventós. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 01/10/2015 tot 10/01/2016

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 933150102 | E-mail: The Picasso Museum in Barcelona organises an exhibition on the relationship between Pablo Picasso and the Reventós …

  • Exhibition: Animals and pharaohs. The animal kingdom in ancient Egypt. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 23/09/2015 tot 10/01/2016

    …Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 934768635 | E-mail: More than 400 works explain the presence …

  • Exhibition: Georges Méliès. The magic of film. Tarragona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 16/09/2015 tot 10/01/2016

    …CaixaForum Tarragona. Calle Cristòfor Colom, 2. 43001. Tarragona. (Catalonia) A journey to the strange, busy and animated creative world of one of the most import…

  • Exhibition: The Triumph of Colour. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 10/10/2015 tot 10/01/2016

    …Sala FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE Casa Garriga i Nogués. Calle Diputació, 250. 08007. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fundación MAPFRE. This exhibition officially opens …

  • Exhibition: Antoni Tàpies. Artist's Collection. Barcelona.

    Calendar | Cultural

    Vanaf 12/06/2015 tot 10/01/2016

    …Fundación Antoni Tàpies. Aragó, 255. 08007. Barcelona. (Catalonia) Fax.: +34 934870009 | The Antoni Tàpies Foundation is exhibiting a part of the artist's output with about 40 items from h…