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  • Spain's National Parks offer disabled access.

    Travel ideas

    … Spain is working to make sure its National Parks offer nature for all. Installations are being adapted for people with disabilities, including information panels and leaflets for the blind, guides who work with sign language... The aim? To make sure we can all enjoy these stunning ecological riches.…

  • Reserves of the Canary Islands: Paradises of Native Flora and Fauna.

    Travel ideas

    … (Canary Islands) The work and gift of evolution, each island of the Canary Islands jealously hoards its rare animals and plants—species so valuable to science they would captivate Darwin himself. They are the most outstanding elements of the Canary Islands’ lush natural environments: four national p…

  • The Canary Islands, where your children are sure to want to return.

    Travel ideas

    … (Canary Islands) When are we coming back? This will be your kids’ question when you leave the Canary Islands. They will be wanting to repeat the dolphin visit, ride the camels again, go on the huge slides once more, rediscover the forest of Garajonay and see a volcano up close again. Do you know wha…

  • Spanish National Parks: seeing is believing.

    Travel ideas

    … Mountains and wetlands, beaches and forests, volcanoes, lava and lakes. Spain's 14 National Parks are distinctive for their variety, but above all, for their stunning ecological wealth. Nature takes centre stage in these unique areas, some of which have the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Would y…