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Waar is het typisch in Spanje?

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The particular features of this cured ham are due to its special curing, carried out in unique climatic conditions, as Trevélez is one of the highest villages in Spain.

Trevélez hams are guaranteed by the Food, Fisheries and Agriculture Ministry’s Specific Quality Designation, and controlled by the Regulatory Council. Trevélez hams with designation only come from pigs of the Landrace, Duroc-Jersey and Large-white varieties, or from crossbreeds between them. The curing process can only take place in eight districts of the High Alpujarra (Granada Province), in curing barns over 1,200m above sea level. The curing process uses neither preservatives nor additives, and takes 14-24 months. The result is a delicate, tasty ham, with a low salt content and fat of a sticky consistency.

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All year round.

The area where it is made includes a series of places in the Alpujarras, in the province of Granada. The most important among them are Trevélez, Juviles, Busquistar, Pórtugos, La Tahá, Bubión, Capileira and Bérchules.

Aanbevolen drankje:
Crianza and reserva red wines.

Waar te kopen:
Trevélez ham with Specific Designation can be obtained in most delicatessens, supermarkets, hypermarkets and butchers in Spain and Portugal, but you will find a particularly good selection in the province of Granada. It can also be ordered for delivery to Spain and the E.U. on the official website:

Rich in lipids, proteins and calcium.

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