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Beach in Gandía. Valencia.

A one-hundred-percent Mediterranean coastline where you can enjoy the sun on beaches bathed by calm warm waters.

This is the coast in the province of Valencia in southeast Spain, and it is known for combining all the attractions of the Mediterranean Sea with a delicious cuisine, mild temperatures and long hours of sunshine.

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Endless beaches

Valencia has an abundance of long stretches of sand such as the beaches in Cullera, Gandía, Miramar, Canet d'en Berenguer and Sueca, and in the city of Valencia itself. Many of these –such as the coast in Oliva– are particularly recommended for family holidays. They also offer a full range of services right on the beach, as well as wide variety of tourist attractions. These include all the sites in the city of Valencia, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the historic quarter with its Gothic architecture, and the Roman heritage in the city of Sagunto.

An area of wetlands and orange trees

The wetlands with their rice plantations and the orange trees are typical elements in the landscape of the area, and provide a contrast with its beaches. A good example of a wetland is the La Albufera Nature Reserve. Also interesting are marshes like Puig and Xeraco.

Cuisine with a delicious flavour

The rice dishes, and particularly the paella, should on no account be missed. Also highly recommended are the desserts, especially the oranges and the traditional local drink known as "horchata", made from tiger nuts.

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