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As with the nearby towns of Úbeda and Baeza, it has an important collection of Renaissance buildings. Its old town has been declared Property of Cultural Interest.

Sabiote is 66 kilometres from the city of Jaén, surrounded by expansive fields of cereals and olive trees. Its history as a human settlement is ancient, as can be deduced from the Bronze Age and Phoenician remains that have been found. The Sabiote Castle, located on one end of the wall, is considered one of the main fortresses constructed in the 16th century in Jaén. It is imposing with its towers and battlements, the view of the area from its location is one of its main attractions. You must also look at its particularly beautiful, blazoned, plateresque portal. In addition, in the walled enclosure, the old town access doors that remain stand out: The Chirigote one, the Pelotero one, the San Bartolemé one or the Granada one are among them. You will also discover many noble houses and buildings with renaissance facades and plateresque details as you walk around the historic central area. There are also other monuments that you cannot miss like the Church of Saint Peter, the Church of Saint Mary, or the Barefoot Carmelites Convent for example.