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Alicante - Alacant


Strategically located on a fertile valley, the municipality of La Nucia offers a great number of activities both inland and in the coastal region of Marina Baixa. This town, a mere 10 kilometres away from Benidorm, emerges in a picturesque valley filled with orchards and pinewoods, sheltered by Sierra of Aitana. The historic quarter contains a network of white houses, dominated by a parish church, with many charming little corners from where the visitor can enjoy gorgeous views of the surroundings. Without renouncing to the traditional flavour that defines its character, La Nuncia also has managed to include in its layout an important residential area, where we find several luxury compounds. The gorgeous natural scenery of this town is the perfect setting for hiking and bike riding through picturesque spots, such as the fountain of Farava, or Puig Campana. This town is famous all around this region for organising a huge second-hand market every Sunday, in Porvilla Avenue, one of its main streets. Also famous are its fiestas honouring the Holy Conception (Purísima Concepción), celebrated in the middle of August, and the festivities of San Rafael, in November.

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