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Castellón - Castelló


L’Alcora, a gate to the region of L’Alcalatén, is one of the main tile-producing centres in Castellon.In the midst of the rugged relief of the region of L’Alcalatén we find this town, whose most recent history is closely related to the development of the tiling industry.The Count of Aranda was the one to found "The Very Noble and Artistic Ceramics of Alcora" back in the 18th century; this was a factory that produced very fine porcelain and earthenware pieces. This tradition is documented at the Museum of Ceramics found in this town, which exhibits an interesting collection of antique and contemporary ceramics.A journey through the city will reveal churches such as La Asunción (15th-19th centuries), San Francisco (17th century), and Marco, where we can admire several 18th-century ceramic pieces.Religious architecture has also left a good number of hermitages, such as the Romanesque-Gothic one of Salvador (13th century); Calvario de L’Alcora, which holds a carving of Christ; and Sant Vicent (17th century), with a typical Levante-style glazed dome.

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