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Avenida Doctor Artero s/n, Carretera Ayerbe
22004  Huesca  (Aragon)
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Representation of contemporary culture

CDAN, the Beulas Foundation's Art and Nature Centre, is set in a building in the city of Huesca by architect Rafael Moneo.

Since it was inaugurated in January 2006, the centre has aimed to become an international focal point for everything that relates art and nature with contemporary culture. The CDAN has two collections: the Beulas–Sarrate legacy, with works of Spanish contemporary art from the second half of the 20th century; the Art and Nature collection, with works of land art and public art by international figures such as Richard Long, Siah Armajani, Fernando Casás, Ulrich Rückriem, David Nash and Alberto Carneiro. They are both located in the Region of Huesca.

The CDAN centres its activities around temporary exhibitions from its two collections and reflection on the relationship between contemporary art and nature. Its programme is complemented by international courses such as the annual "Think the landscape" season, meetings, conferences, competitions and research grants. It also has INDOC, a documentation centre specialising in art and nature that publishes a monthly digital bulletin.

Provincial museum

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