Condado de Castilnovo

Castilnovo Castle


Carretera SG-205, km. 15
40318  Villafranca, Condado de Castilnovo, Segovia  (Castile-Leon)
Tel.:+34 914262310
Tel.:+34 921531092




  This Mudéjar-style castle was built in the 12th century and has a square ground plan. It has six circular and rectangular towers with barbicans and an interior courtyard, and twin brick windows with pointed horseshoe arches. It stands in a forest. Legend has it that Queen Juana la Loca stayed here on the death of her husband. It belonged to Ferdinand and Isabella, and also to other nobles such as Álvaro de Luna, Marquis of Villena, the Zúñiga family and the Dukes of Frías.

  • Bouw: Castle
  • Artistieke periode: Mudejar
  • Historische periode: 12th century


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