Carretera de Nájera
26370  Navarrete, La Rioja  (La Rioja)


Rioja, La

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    Pelgrimstocht naar Santiago, Eerste Europese culturele route en werelderfgoed. Meer zien


This 12th-century Romanesque doorway belonged to the old hospital of San Juan de Acre, and stands at the entrance to the cemetery. It has five slightly pointed archivolts, of which the two in the even positions are decorated with serrated motifs. At the lower end of the archivolts and on the abutment there are several figures of angels, a dove, and a scene of the Annunciation.

  • Bouw: Gateway
  • Artistieke periode: Romanesque
  • Historische periode: 12th century


WAT IS ER IN DE BUURT? (in een straal van 2 km)