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    Pelgrimstocht naar Santiago, Eerste Europese culturele route en werelderfgoed. Meer zien


This is one of the most important works of engineering of its time and it took almost one century to build. It covers a total of 207 km with a difference in level of 150 m. The primary objective of this canal was to end the physical and economic isolation of the area of Castile-León and to connect it with the ocean by means of a navigable waterway.

  • Bouw: Civil engineering
  • Artistieke periode: Neo-classical
  • Historische periode: 18th century

Praktische informatie


Tourist boat rides, return trip – 1 hour. For further information on times, prices and routes, please check the website.


WAT IS ER IN DE BUURT? (in een straal van 2 km)