Plaza de la Catedral s/n
25280  Solsona, Lleida  (Catalonia)
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Originally a Romanesque church, the Gothic building dates back to the 14th century. The three apses, decorated on their interior with arcades, a part of the transept and the lower stretches of the bell tower attached to the church remain from the original Romanesque structure. The current church has a single nave and side chapels and a fan-vaulted transept. Claudi Casals built a new stretch of the nave in the 12th century, which is roofed by a barrel vault, as well as building the chapel dedicated to the Virgin del Claustro. Baroque features were added to the façade in the 18th century, while the upper cloister gallery is Neo-classical in style. Inside it houses a Romanesque stone carving of the Virgin of the Cloister.

  • Bouw: Cathedral
  • Artistieke periode: Gothic
  • Historische periode: 14th century

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