Carretera del Neveral 5
23001  Jaén  (Andalusia)
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A castle standing amid olive groves

The site offers visitors the chance to enjoy the fabulous views over the city of Jaén, and over an outstanding natural landscape.

The imposing castle stands on the hill of Santa Catalina. It has been modified over the years and its history is full of military events. The old citadel was made up of three fortifications, of which only the Alcázar Nuevo (New Fortress), built after the Castilian conquest, and parts of the walls are still standing. It currently houses an interesting Interpretation Centre where visitors can learn more about its history.

  • Bouw: Castle
  • Artistieke periode: Medieval
  • Historische periode: 19th century, 11th century

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  • Vanaf 16 Sep tot 19 May
  • Van Dinsdag tot Zaterdag Van 10:00 tot 14:00 Van 15:30 tot 19:30
  • Zondag Van 10:00 tot 15:00
  • Vanaf 20 May tot 15 Sep
  • Van Dinsdag tot Zaterdag Van 10:00 tot 14:00 Van 17:00 tot 21:00
  • Zondag Van 10:00 tot 15:00
  • Sluitingsdagen: Monday


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