Plaza de la Catedral s/n
18500  Guadix, Granada  (Andalusia)
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A cathedral dedicated to the Incarnation

The Cathedral of Guadix was under construction for a long period of time spanning from the 16th century through the late 18th century.

The first building was a Visigoth temple upon which the Al-hama Mosque was built. Three building stages can be discerned: one Gothic, during which construction work on the current cathedral by Pedro Morales and Enrique Egás began, which lasted until 1547. A Renaissance stage, during which Diego de Siloé worked to expand the building; and a third, Baroque stage, which began in the early 18th century with Vicente Acero, Thomas, Gaspar Cayón de la Vega, Pachote, Ruíz del Peral, master Moreno, and others, during the course of which the façades, the roof, the high altar, the choir and the pulpits were built.

  • Bouw: Cathedral
  • Artistieke periode: Baroque
  • Historische periode: 18th century, 16th century
  • Omgeving: Church of San Torcuato, Tower of El Ferro, Citadel, Episcopal Palace, Main Square, Arch of La Imagen.

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  • Vanaf 01 Apr tot 30 May
  • Van Maandag tot Zaterdag Van 10:30 tot 14:00 Van 16:30 tot 18:30
  • Feestdagen en Zondag Van 19:00 tot 21:00
  • Vanaf 01 Jun tot 30 Sep
  • Van Maandag tot Zaterdag Van 10:30 tot 14:00 Van 17:00 tot 19:30
  • Feestdagen en Zondag Van 19:30 tot 21:00
  • Vanaf 01 Oct tot 31 Mar
  • Van Maandag tot Zaterdag Van 10:30 tot 14:00 Van 16:00 tot 18:00
  • Feestdagen en Zondag Van 18:00 tot 20:00


  • Algemeen: 5€
  • Gepensioneerden: 4€
  • Kinderen: 2,50€


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