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Plaza de la Seu, s/n
08002  Barcelona  (Catalonia)
Tel.:+34 933428262
Fax.:+34 933181681


Autonome regio:




Symbol of the Barcelona diocese

It is built on the site of a paleo-Christian basilica. Work began on the building during the Romanesque period, but it was finished according to Gothic artistic principles, which was the prevailing style at the time of its completion.

It has a sober exterior, the only decoration being its vertical buttresses. The San Ivo entrance is a perfect example of what is known as the Catalan Gothic style. The interior naves are practically all of the same height, which gives the visitor the impression of being in a single space. The side chapels have an upper gallery, which affords the whole building a greater sense of brightness and space. The interior of the dome is faced with wood coffering. The main façade was built quite recently (late 19th to early 20th century), although based on a design dating from 1408. Highlights include the entrance door from the cloister to the cathedral and the chapel of Santa Lucía.


Artistieke periode:

Historische periode:
20th Century, 13th century

Gothic quarter, Plaza de San Jaume square with the City Hall and the Regional Government Palace.

Praktische informatie


Van Maandag tot Zondag
Van 08:00 tot 19:30


Algemeen: 6€
Met korting: 4€
Free admission: Monday to Saturday, 8am-12:45pm and 5.15-7.30pm. Sundays and public holidays, 8am-1.45pm and 5.15-7:30pm.


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