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A garden fortress.

It was built by Adb al-Rahman III in 955 AD on the ruins of a fortress.

The Alcazaba is a Moorish palace. The Alcazaba in Almería comprises three different spaces: the first, which housed the living quarters and baths, was at the time a densely built area. Today, however, it is occupied by gardens. Highlights of this part include the Saliente Bastion, the La Vela Wall and the bell of Santa María la Mayor church, cast in 1763. The second part contains the palace buildings. The Los Aljibes building (the caliphs’ water cisterns) is probably the best preserved of the whole site. Also worth a visit are the Mudejar shrine, the military baths and a typical Muslim home which has been rebuilt from its foundations. This was once the site of the Almotacín Palace. The third part contains the ruins of a castle built by Ferdinand and Isabella after they took the city in 1489. Its interior is laid out around the parade ground. The main elements in this enclosure are the Keep, the Noria del Viento tower and the Pólvora tower. The Andalusian Regional Government declared it a Monumental Site in 1989.

Arab citadel

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10th century

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