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  • Activiteit: Festival
  • Thema: Music, Spanish folk


In August, the Orense Folk Sessions are held in sixteen towns and villages throughout the province. This festival was first held in 1984.

Twelve overseas groups take part in each edition. The festival opens with a performance to welcome all the participating groups, by the Provincial Dance School, in the city's Principal Theatre. Over the course of the festival, groups visit the towns and villages of Allariz, Bande, O Barco, Carballiño, Castro Caldelas, Celanova, Entrimo, Maceda, Manzaneda, Monforte de Lemos, Ourense, Ribadavia, A Rúa, Trives, Verín and Xinzo, performing by night in the open air. The final ceremony takes place in Orense's Plaza Mayor square, with the participation of all the groups.

Praktische informatie

  • Datum: In afwachting van bevestiging 2016
  • Plaats: Orense (Ourense. Galicia)

Openingstijden en prijzen


  • In afwachting van bevestiging 2016

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