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There is an exceptionally luxurious way of experiencing all the emotions and tradition of San Fermín, which can only be enjoyed by a lucky few every year. It even includes the possibility of sleeping in the same room as Hemingway: number 217 in the 5-star hotel La Perla, which has been kept exactly as it was when the legendary writer used to stay. It provides an unbeatable view of one of the most exciting stretches of the bull running route: Estafeta street, with the Mercaderes curve. Getting up in the morning and leaning out of your window to see the young men running in front of the bulls is the height of luxury.

Another option is to rent one of the balconies located along the length of the route. While you enjoy a cup of coffee with biscuits, the guide will explain all the details of the run and the festival as a whole. After the end of the run, you’ll also be able to have breakfast at the Casino so as to take part in one of Pamplona’s most select traditions, the Dance of the Espadrilles. At lunch or dinner time, don’t miss a visit to the Rodero or Europa restaurants, at the forefront of the new Navarran cuisine.

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