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Waar is het typisch in Spanje?

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Rice cultivation in Calasparra is very old; documents from the 14th century offer testimony of the importance of the rice crops in La Vega del Segura.

Despite its scant production, the cultivation area from Rice from Calasparra is especially relevant, due in part to the introduction of traditional ecological agricultural techniques. These efforts were rewarded in 1986 with the recognition of the Denomination of Origin that guarantees the quality of the product. The characteristics that make rice from Calasparra special are its taste and consistency. It is a rice that requires greater amounts of water and a longer cooking time, which makes the grain expand more and better absorb other flavours. It resists much longer than other without becoming pasty or loosing its culinary qualities.

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The harvesting season is dictated by the Control Board during the months of October and November. It is consumed year-round.

The production area comprises the land located in the towns of Calasparra and Moratalla, in the province of Murcia, and Hellín in the province of Albacete. It is a mountainous and sunny regions, with cold waters and a climate that slows the ripening of the grain. It is completely confined by an irrigation network, which makes it impossible to expand the rice paddies.

Aanbevolen drankje:
It is the perfect Rice for making paellas, risottos and all types of rice dishes. Its combination with wine depends on the type of ingredients that accompany it, but, generally, Rosé Wine, Sparkling Wine, and also non-crianza Red Wine are quite adequate for almost any rice dish.

Rice with rabbit and snails

The varieties protected under the Denomination of Origin, from the 'Japonica' family, are Bomba and Balilla X Solana (ecological white, semi-whole grain, whole grain).




Rich in Carbohydrates.

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