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This is the capital of the Jiloca valley and a former frontier town. Daroca offers a varied artistic and architectural heritage of undoubted interest; it is a mixture of Muslim and Christian styles. Its historic quarter has the Property of Cultural Interest designation.

Daroca is located 83 kilometres from Zaragoza and is known as “the city of the seven sevens” because of the variety of amazing monuments that call it home. Its centre is a medieval city enclosed by a three and a half kilometre long wall dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. The ruins of the mediaeval castle rise up in one corner of the town. It has two temples that were started in the Romanesque style and completed in Mudejar: the Churches of Santo Domingo de Silos and San Juan de la Cuesta (12th-13th centuries). Furthermore, the Santa María Collegiate Church (16th century) houses the Chapel of the Corporales, a conserved extraordinary precious metalwork relic. Other points of interest include the Romanesque-Baroque Church of San Miguel and the convents of the Piarists (mid-18th century), of Santa Ana and of the Rosario (15th century). Highlights among civil buildings include the Luna House of the 15th century and the entire Jewish quarter with a group of Renaissance and Baroque buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries. In addition to its monuments and typical Aragonese cuisine, the celebration of Corpus Christi and the International Old Music Festival are other good reasons to visit the locality.

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