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Cordoba is a city that is ideal for exploring on foot, as the old town and the main monuments and places of interest are very close to each other.

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There is also a public transport service that covers the whole city and links with the suburbs.
A good option for getting around Cordoba is the city bus. These run from 6 am to midnight, although timetables vary according to the route. There is also a night bus service on Fridays and Saturdays (from 10 pm to 5 am).
Another option is to take a taxi: they run all day, and are white with the city shield and their license number on the side. You can hail them in the street when the green light is on. Otherwise there are taxi ranks or you can order them by telephone using the radio taxi service. Tariffs are on display inside the taxis and include charges for flag-down, kilometres travelled and other special extras such as night service, public holidays, and train or airport services.

De handigste optie

How much does transport cost?
Single tickets for the bus cost €1.20 and can be purchased from the driver. You can buy a Bonobús pass at tobacconists for €7.10, which is valid for 10 journeys including changes between lines. Which is the best option?
If you want to make several journeys or travel in a group, the best is the 10-journey Bonobús pass. Each trip includes a transfer within the permitted time (one hour). The right to transfer is personal and non-transferable.

Andere manieren van vervoer

You can also ride in a horse and carriage through the old town: you'll find carriages next to the Great Mosque, Cordoba Cathedral and close to the Alcázar of the Christian Monarchs. One hour costs approximately €45. There are also daily buses which run to the Medina Azahara site, with a return ticket costing €8.50 for adults (you can purchase tickets online, by telephone or at tourist information points). Córdoba Visión: these are guided visits around monumental Cordoba, Medina Azahara and the Cordoba courtyards. Information on these visits is available at tourist information points.
  For more information, go to:
Cordoba Town Council Cordoba Tourist Board