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The history of the Americas

The collection contains important pre-Columbian archaeological pieces.

The collection in the Museum of the Americas features various pieces from different cultures in the Americas. Through the unique items on display, visitors can take a journey through a broad period of history, ranging from prehistoric to modern times. Highlights include the sections devoted to pre-Columbian archaeology, ethnography and colonial art, with extraordinary jewels such as the Viracocha head and the Quimbayas Treasure. The permanent collection is divided into five major areas: an awareness of the Americas, the reality of the Americas, society, religion and communication. The origins of the museum date from the 16th century, when Philip II of Spain created an Indian Museum on the suggestion of the Viceroy of Peru.

  • Aanduiding: National museum
  • Artistieke periode: Indiano art
  • Inhoud: Themed

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