Calle Miranda, 13
09002  Burgos  (Castile-Leon)
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Art and archaeology

Burgos Museum occupies two 16th-century stately houses.

Burgos Museum offers the chance for visitors to explore the historical and cultural evolution of this province in the Castile-León region. It has various different sections such as prehistory and archaeology, located in the 'Casa de Miranda', a Renaissance palace. Here you can see objects from Atapuerca and Ojo Guareña, and also from the Iron Age necropolis of Miraveche, Ubierna and Villanueva de Teba, along with Roman artefacts from the city of Clunia. The building adjacent to 'Casa de Angulo' is home to the Fine Arts section, which has a major collection of exhibits ranging from the Mozarabic period through to the present day, with items such as the Romanesque frontal from the church of Santo Domingo de Silos and the tomb of Juan de Padilla by Gil de Siloé, along with 15th- and 16th-century paintings and works of art from the Baroque period.

Provincial museum

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