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Avenida del Castillo
47400  Medina del Campo, Valladolid  (Castile-Leon)
Tel.:+34 983812724
Tel.:+34 983810063
Fax.:+34 983810117


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Tel.: +34 983810063



The great tower of Castile.

This is one of the largest towers in Castile. It was used as fortress, and was at one time a strategic military centre.

The castle has a trapezoid floor plan. The fixed bridge at the main entrance was once a drawbridge. Once across the bridge, there is an arch with two turrets and the royal coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs. The interior has four towers with a courtyard, around which the different parts of the building are arranged. It was used as the Royal Archive during the reign of Henry IV. Given its enormous dimensions, it was also put to military use as an arsenal for artillery, and was one of the objectives of the Royalists in the uprising of the communards in the 16th century. It served as a prison for personages of note during the 16th and 17th centuries, and at one time played host to Juana la Loca. In 1942, after the Spanish Civil War, it became a training school.


Artistieke periode:

Historische periode:
14th century

Collegiate church of San Antolín, Las Dueñas Palace, Casa Blanca, Church of Santiago el Real, Hospital of La Purísima Concepción and San Diego de Alcalá, Carnicerías Reales building.

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Vanaf 01 apr tot 30 sep
Van Dinsdag tot Zaterdag
Van 11:00 tot 14:00
Van 16:00 tot 19:00

Van 11:00 tot 14:00
Sluitingsdagen: Maandag

Vanaf 01 okt tot 31 mrt
Van Dinsdag tot Zaterdag
Van 11:00 tot 14:00
Van 16:00 tot 18:00

Van 11:00 tot 14:00
Dramatised visits Saturdays and Sundays from April to November. Prior reservation required: call +34 983810063 / +34 983812724, or at the following e-mail:

Sluitingsdagen: Maandag


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Guided tour of La Mota Castle:
General admission: €4
Reduced admission: €3 Guided visit to the keep:
General admission: €4 Combined admission: €6


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