Plaza de España, s/n.
41013  Seville  (Andalusia)
Tel.:34 902 45 99 54




Cultural meeting place.

Painted ceramic benches representing all the provinces in Spain are arranged round the square.

It was built because of the Ibero-american Exhibition of 1929, held in Seville. Its creator was Aníbal González. He mixed a style inspired by the Renaissance with typical elements from the city: exposed brick, ceramics and wrought iron (worked by Domingo Prida). Its floor plan is semicircular. It is dominated by 2 towers, one on each side of the enclosed area, which frame the central building where the main rooms are. Between the two towers runs a network of galleries with an arcade of semicircular arches leading to exits in different parts of the square, where a fountain stands.

  • Bouw: Square
  • Artistieke periode: Contemporary
  • Historische periode: 20th Century

Praktische informatie


  • Vanaf 01 nov tot 31 mrt
  • Van Maandag tot Zondag Van 08:00 tot 22:00
  • Vanaf 01 apr tot 30 okt
  • Van 08:00 tot 00:00


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