Segóbriga Archaeological Park


Carretera Carrascosa de Campo a Villamayor de Santiago, s/n
16430  Saelices, Cuenca  (Castile-La Mancha)
Tel.:+34 629752257




The urban development of Segóbriga dates from the first century B.C., and the city’s theatre, amphitheatre, basilica, porticoes, thermal baths, etc. were built in the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. In addition to the splendour of its buildings, Segóbriga must also have been an important administrative centre for the surrounding territories, given the great architectural and mining riches in the area. The Park Interpretation Centre gives visitors an overview of the ancient Roman city of Segóbriga. The numerous remains that have been found are on display in this park, especially sculptures. In addition, there are also virtual recreations of the ancient monuments. The tour goes through the necropolis outside the city, the theatre and the amphitheatre.

  • Bouw: City / settlement excavation site
  • Artistieke periode: Classical-Roman
  • Historische periode: 2nd century, 1st century

Praktische informatie


  • Vanaf 01 apr tot 30 sep
  • Van Dinsdag tot Zondag Van 10:00 tot 15:00 Van 16:00 tot 19:30
  • Vanaf 01 okt tot 31 mrt
  • Van Dinsdag tot Zondag Van 10:00 tot 18:00


  • Algemeen: 5€
  • Studenten: 2,50€
  • Grote gezinnen: 2,50€
  • Groepen: 2,50€
  • Kinderen: 1€
  • Gepensioneerden: 1€

Free admission: Tuesday and Friday, 4-6pm.


Guided tours


WAT IS ER IN DE BUURT? (in een straal van 2 km)