Villahormes s/n
Villahormes, Llanes, Asturias  (Asturias)
Tel.:+34 988400174



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    Pelgrimstocht naar Santiago, Eerste Europese culturele route en werelderfgoed. Meer zien


  Construction began in 1616 on this palace for the nobleman Llanes de Espriella. It has a rectangular floor plan with a central courtyard. Built in whitewashed stone, an interesting feature is the heraldic crest over the main door. It has two storeys: the lower story, used for everyday household activities has a stables, wine cellars, and wine press; while the upper level served as the living areas for the owner’s family.

  • Bouw: Palace
  • Artistieke periode: Baroque
  • Historische periode: 17th century


WAT IS ER IN DE BUURT? (in een straal van 2 km)