Sónar. International Festival of Progressive Music and Multimedia Arts in Barcelona


  • Activiteit: Festival
  • Thema: Music, Electronic


The Sónar Festival in the city of Barcelona is a key date for all lovers of progressive sounds, featuring new generation artists and the latest in music and multimedia arts.

This event is a chance for audiences to catch up with all the latest trends and the top artists on the Spanish and international electronic music scene. The programme comprises a wide range of activities, with DJ sessions, concerts and exhibitions of works in all the multimedia formats (installations, art on the web, design, etc.) Day and night are clearly divided at this event. 'Sónar by day' offers concerts, DJ sessions, audiovisual projections in all formats, a media library, a professional fair, conferences and exhibitions, and a talent-spotting area. In contrast, 'Sónar by night' includes performances by major Spanish and international electronic music artists, with simultaneous sessions by DJs and VJs.

Praktische informatie

  • Plaats: Barcelona (Catalonia)

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