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Madrid is the ideal city for enjoying the popular custom of “going out for tapas”: this consists of moving from one bar to another with your friends and enjoying delicious bite-sized portions of typical local specialities (potato omelette, spicy fried potatoes in sauce, croquettes, squid, cod, bull’s tail…) accompanied by a refreshing glass of beer or a good wine, and interesting conversation.

In the historic centre (mainly in the neighbourhoods of Huertas and La Latina, near the Plaza Mayor) you’ll find classic taverns (with their unmistakeable tile-covered façades) and modern venues where in addition to tapas you can order raciones (more plentiful dishes to share) and inexpensive set menus. They are all full of people who come to enjoy the great atmosphere at lunch and dinner time. Some, like Casa Lucio, have become so famous that personalities like Bill Clinton have dropped in to sample their dishes.

Why not find a seat at a table on a sunny terrace, and just watch the enormous variety of people from all over the world enjoying this gastronomic tradition in Madrid? And don’t miss the chance to order a delicious vermouth on tap to drink with your tapa!

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