Few ways of getting to know Spain’s hidden corners are as healthy as a visit to one of its spas. Sun, sea, sports and nature all make up an offer that, for its professionalism and variety, is unique in the world. The most modern facilities and the best health and beauty treatments come together in the service of one concept: quality of life.

Excess stress and anxiety have increased the level of physical and mental fatigue of people living in modern societies, especially in big cities. A world that is constantly moving needs increasingly more places for rest and relaxation. Spas, an acronym for the Italian phrase “Salute per Aqua”, are the new alternative for health and quality tourism in Spain. These sites are chosen by many people seeking to relax or improve their health or image during their vacations.

In addition to being one of the world’s premier tourist destinations due to its geographical location and cultural offerings, Spain also has the most health centers of any country in Europe. According to the prestigious British publication Professional Spa, Spain is also home to Europe’s top Hotel Resort & Spa: The Hotel Termes Montbrió. This resort is located in Catalonia, just an hour from Barcelona, in a natural area filled with expansive gardens and beautiful fountains, and features a thermal spa center attended by professional therapists. Termes Montbrió also has a large convention center and a gallery that includes paintings by artists on the order of Salvador Dalí.

The Iberian Peninsula offers a wide range of possibilities for tourists seeking different relaxation techniques or therapies using natural medicines, and an array of treatments that covers everything from thalassotherapy (using mineral waters) to ampelotherapy (treatments that use grapes and grape derivatives), found in a variety of places: luxury hotels, rural areas, in areas of snow or in cities. They have been designed for you to enjoy the best health and body treatments, both stimulating and relaxing, complemented by other leisure and sports activities such as golf, tennis or horseback riding.

Mijas (Malaga) for example, has one of the most important thalassotherapy centers in Europe. In the Palacio Byblos Andaluz is located the Louison Bobet Thalassotherapy Institute, where you can revitalize your body, strengthen your muscles, improve your circulation and eliminate stress.

In the region of Murcia we find the SPA Archena, located in a privileged area and belonging to the spa complex of the same name. This is a little paradise whose waters will help you to rest and relax, with a wide array of other health treatments.

Inside the Hotel Meliá Altea Hills Resort, located in a magnificent natural area of Alicante, we find the SPA Salux Hills, one of the Costa Blanca’s most tempting spa centers due to its wonderful landscapes that look out over the Mediterranean Sea.

Other specialized centers also feature what are today known as Wine Spas. First developed in Spain, their innovative therapies are based on wine derivatives, with Merlot baths (for relaxation), Muscat baths (for toning), massages with oils made from grape seeds and inhaling therapies, while others offer specialized treatments with muds, reflexology, shiatsu massage, draining, pressure therapy and holistic massage to suit all tastes and needs.

As you can see, Spain offers a world of possibilities for you to discover today’s spa experience. And as the National Association of Spas has stated, the spas and hydrotherapy complexes, where Spain has consolidated and strengthened its own spas, are the sole inheritors of a tradition of healing with thermal waters practiced by Greeks, Romans and Arabs centuries ago.

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