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You can enjoy an unforgettable experience for the senses at Spain's unique Parador Hotels which can be found throughout Spain. Some of them include modern spa centres to meet the needs of the 21st-century traveller. Massages with chocolate, hydrothermal circuits and beauty treatments are just some of the ideas awaiting you. A real treat for your health in unique settings.

If you like the idea of pampering yourself deep in the heart of the nature, then head for Catalonia, where you'll find the Vielha Parador Hotel, in the province of Lleida in north-eastern Spain. Here, the luxury and service of a top-rate spa centre can be enjoyed in combination with stunning views of the Arán Valley.

A variety of treatments

The Vielha Parador Hotel not only offers normal spa facilities such as hydromassage baths, but also the chance to improve your appearance with special weight-loss treatments, body peeling, seaweed wraps and mineral baths. You don't need to be Cleopatra and bathe in asses' milk to feel like a queen. At Vielha you can be covered in chocolate for an invigorating experience and return home with its sweet scent lingering on your skin. This is an ideal option for couples –the honeymoon circuit includes a wonderful body peeling treatment using pearl powder. A real luxury within your reach.

The peace and quiet of a monastery

In the province of Ourense (Galicia Region, north-western Spain) you'll find the Santo Estevo Parador Hotel, a 10th-century monastery where rest and relaxation is the most natural thing in the world. Visitors can enjoy the stunning setting of the Ribera Sacra region, as well as experience the invigorating properties of its waters in the spa.

Treat yourself to a few days of rest and relaxation in this beautiful centre offering a wide range of treatments. From a body-firming algae wrap to a Celtic massage with hot stones and essential oils, a flotation massage in a warm water bed, a marine mud wrap and a body peeling treatment.

Rest and relaxation by the sea

If you continue on this route through Spain, the next destination is the province of Valencia on the Mediterranean coast. Here you'll find the El Saler Parador hotel, a key destination for sports, and particularly for golf enthusiasts, given that it has its own excellent 18-hole course. If you demand the very best, and are not content merely to enjoy the blue waters of the Mediterranean, then make sure you experience its spa centre and outdoor pool. Then why not take a trip to the nearby La Albufera Nature Reserve and enjoy the delicious rice dishes which are typical of this region?

Inner peace

If you now head into inland Spain, you'll come to Castile-León, and the province of Segovia. This city has the World Heritage designation and offers the chance to stay in a real palace in the foothills of the mountains –the La Granja Parador hotel, 11 kilometres outside the city. What's more, if you're looking for peace and quiet, then you're sure to find it at the spa centre, set in a courtyard that exudes serenity. This is the ideal place to cast off your troubles in the jacuzzi, bubble massage, Scottish shower and Turkish bath.

How about some adventure and excitement? You can also try activities such as hot air balloon flights, canoeing and gliding. It's also easy to reach the centre of Segovia, with its rich architectural heritage and the outstanding Roman aqueduct, along with typical dishes such as suckling pig. Another place to enjoy a relaxing experience is in the Parador hotel in Alcalá de Henares, a World Heritage city located half an hour outside the city of Madrid. Some of its most popular treatments include the candle massages, a special treatment for men, and sessions inspired by ancestral rites.

Relaxing in the Canary Islands

The route then continues to the Canary Islands. Almost in the centre of the island of Gran Canaria, one of the seven islands that make up this archipelago with its warm year-round weather, you'll find the Cruz de Tejeda Parador Hotel. This is a typical local construction set on cliffs where the Atlantic waves break. This is a genuine paradise within your reach, which also offers spa facilities and several different treatment rooms for health and relaxation.

Whether you come as a couple, for business meetings, as a family or as a personal treat, taking care of your health and de-stressing in Spain has never been easier. Give your body that special treat you've always wanted, and enjoy these unique places to stay.

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