In eastern Spain there is an area of lofty peaks, crossed by deep gorges, tracks that wind through pine groves and follow the courses of crystal clear rivers, trails that lead to the most peaceful of villages. This is the Maestrazgo region, a land where nature, culture and tradition live side by side. A fascinating area, well worth discovering.

In the south of Aragón, between Teruel and inland Castellón, is El Maestrazgo, a region that is dominated by its rugged, unspoilt countryside, and where time moves slowly and unhurriedly by. Perhaps this is why silence has reigned in these mountains for centuries. This silence will be your travelling companion as you explore its ever-changing landscapes.

On the way you will find everything from deep gorges to maple and pine forests, fossils and dinosaur tracks, valleys washed by trout-rich rivers, canyons home to species like the griffon vulture and mountain goat, and vertical rock walls with amazing formations such as those to be found at the Órganos de Montoro. These are imposing landscapes, packed with contrast, offering a host of options for lovers of nature and adventure. An ideal setting for sports such as climbing, caving, kayaking, hunting, fishing, cycle touring, horse riding, paragliding and hiking - this area is crossed by many regional trails, as well as one long-distance hiking route, the GR-8. In this area you will also find many companies that organise outdoor activities.

Have fun as a family

Don't forget the camera and get ready to enjoy outings ideal for all the family, to places such as the Fortanete pine woods, the source of the Pitarque River, the Rambla de las Truchas riverbed, the canyons and banks of the Guadalope River, the Puertos de Beceite Mountains, the Tinença de Benifassà beech forest, the Aliaga Geological Park, the area around the Olivar Monastery, Cristal de Molinos Caves, the peak of Ares del Maestre… there are a host of options. This is why we recommend you go to any of the tourist offices where they will give you all the advice you need.

Alongside this ecological wealth, there is stunning cultural heritage to be found in the villages of the Maestrazgo, with their medieval atmosphere, such as Morella and its monuments, the streets of Mirambel, Cantavieja and La Iglesuela del Cid, as well as the prehistoric paintings to be found at Tírig, amongst others. Castles, Gothic and Baroque churches, shrines, fortified farmsteads, palaces, stately houses, squares and bridges make up villages with their own unique, well-defined personality, once home to knightly orders like the Templars. The Maestrazgo region is all this and more.

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