Bath houses in Castile-La Mancha, with all the flavour of long-standing tradition


Castilla-La Mancha

Break the old routine for a few days - come and relax in Spain. At Castile-La Mancha's bath houses you can look after your health and enjoy a rural setting with all the creature comforts, in direct contact with nature. Come and discover the land of Don Quixote while you enjoy this revitalising experience.

The Castile-La Mancha Region is in the centre of inland Spain. This part of Spain was immortalised by writer Miguel de Cervantes in his famous work, Don Quixote, and here you can enjoy a different kind of "well-being holiday": at its thermal baths. These are old bath houses, situated at spas and thermal springs with beneficial health properties. They have been refurbished as comfortable country accommodation and are open all year round. They tend to be 19th century country houses, stately buildings and typical regional constructions that conserve the local customs and traditional atmosphere. At the same time you will have the chance to get to know traditional Spanish country practices. Less than two hours from Madrid, spoiling yourself at one of these centres is a pleasure in every sense.

You can take advantage of the beneficial effects of these waters in the simplest possible way: drinking, bathing or having one of the hydrotherapy treatments usually available.

These springs are rich in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Among their many beneficial properties, they hydrate the skin, making it look healthier, and they increase levels of iron and other minerals in the blood.

Well-being and more

Nevertheless, La Mancha's bath houses have more to offer than just health benefits. They are situated in rural surroundings, meaning you can get to know the landscapes, occupations and customs of the villages in the area. These spa complexes usually have a programme of complementary leisure activities. You can visit craft centres, sample the most typical local dishes, join in the production of traditional products and help out with typical country jobs.

If you are a nature-lover, then you are in luck. In the area surrounding these bath houses you will find stunning countryside in places such as the Cabañeros National Park, the La Jara Region, and the Source of the Cuervo River. You can discover them on foot or by bicycle, thanks to the network of routes in existence. If fishing and hunting is your thing, then you will also have the opportunity to practise these sports here.

There are many ways to get to know Spanish culture, and some will even do your health a world of good. Come to Spain and let us take care of you.

More information: Castile-La Mancha Tourism

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