Come and experience the excitement and joy of New Year’s Eve in Spain – a very special fiesta with noise and fun right through to the early hours. And you can see in the New Year while you eat good-luck grapes, a truly Spanish tradition you will not want to miss. You still haven't been?

Eating twelve grapes, one by one, keeping time with the clock as it strikes midnight. This is how we see in the New Year - a deep-rooted tradition in Spain. What is more, if you manage to eat all the grapes in time, you are in for a year of prosperity and good luck. So there is no excuse for missing this magical moment with us. This is bound to be an enjoyable experience you will never forget.

After dinner, you can get together with your friends and family around the television, because the striking clock is broadcast live all around Spain. If you prefer, you can also experience this special night in a host of hotels and restaurants that offer New Year's Eve parties, with special menus, grapes and, of course, music and entertainment. Important: don't forget to book your table early.

Nevertheless, if you can, the best thing is to get to the centre of the celebration itself, and play an active part in the last striking bells of the year. In many villages, towns and cities, people congregate in the squares to share these minutes of joy together. Go to the tourist office in the place you are staying, where they will give you detailed information.

In Spain there is a place that has a special link with this tradition: the clock in Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid. Thousands of people, mainly groups of friends, and young people dressed up, with hats, bangers, trumpets, masks and jokes, make their way to this square in the centre of the Spanish capital every 31 December to see in the New Year. After the traditional eating of grapes, happiness and excitement take over the place, which turns into a mass party overrun by confetti, streamers and music. Come and join in the lively hubbub. Uncork a bottle of Cava sparkling wine and toast your friends and those around you.

The night has only just begun. There are still many hours of fun ahead. Pubs, bars and nightclubs usually put on their own New Year's parties, where you can dance until dawn, and the street itself becomes one big celebration. Laughter, fun, groups of young people and music fill the city, while cars sound their horns to welcome the New Year. Come and get carried away by the jubilant atmosphere. You won't regret it. If your body and strength hold out, there is no better way to finish the night than having hot chocolate and churros (flour fritters) before you go to bed. This is one of the many options awaiting you in Spain over Christmas, a time when the streets fill with lights, decorations, carols and joy, and there is a special, magical atmosphere to be felt all around. This is especially true for the little ones, eager to get their presents from the Three Wise Men on 6 January. All in all, this is a wonderful time to spend with family or friends in Spain.

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