Walking around these wineries you will feel as though time has stood still. The charm of classic barrels, old tools and utensils, aging rooms… Visit wineries with history on Spain’s Wine Routes and you will discover the most traditional side of the wine production process.

They have hundreds of years behind them and their philosophy of life is devotion to work. This is the spirit of the wineries with history on Spain’s Wine Routes. When you visit you will feel this for yourself. Their facilities show the pride of tradition, and the result are unique wines with unforgettable flavour. On this fascinating journey, not only will you be able to taste their quality, but you will also find historic buildings, wineries that bring together architectural heritage and modern techniques, even wine museums and art collections.

Under the Andalusian sun

In the Region of Andalusia, southern Spain, you will find the Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Routes. Three of the region’s towns, Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María, have wineries with more than a hundred years of history. In the first you will come to the Fundador Pedro Domecq complex, a site that is a monument in itself with everything from the towers of a medieval defensive wall, through to the cloister of a 14th-century convent. Also in Jerez is the Harveys Winery, which has a museum with old items related with wine production and consumption; the González Byass Winery, which receives more than 230,000 visits each year; the Grupo Estévez Winery, where you can enjoy an impressive art collection (including works by Picasso, Dalí and Miró), and discover all the magic of purebred Spanish horses at its stables. Meanwhile, in the historic centre of Sanlúcar de Barrameda is the La Cigarrera Winery, and in Puerto de Santa María, for its part, the 501 Winery and the Gutiérrez Colosía Winery, founded in 1783 and 1838, respectively; not to mention the Terry Winery, a beautiful complex of buildings, patios and gardens.

Still in Andalusia, you can try the Montilla-Moriles Wine Route, in the province of Cordoba. If you visit the town of Montilla you will discover one of the oldest wineries in Spain, Alvear. This town is also home to the historic Cruz Conde, Pérez Barquero and Navarro Wineries, whose patio hosts a range of events for the Wine Harvest Fiesta, including the Flamenco Tasting Session, featuring the participation of big names from the world of flamenco. Not to be missed either is the Delgado Winery, in the old part of Puente Genil.

Buildings with many years of history

If you travel to other areas of Spain you will also be able to stroll through vineyards with a great deal of history. For example, if you explore the Penedés Wine and Cava Route in Catalonia, you will be able to visit the Castellroig, Codorníu, Cava Llopart, Parés Baltà, Segura Viudas and Pagès Entrena Wineries. Another option is the Somontano Wine Route, in Aragón, where the Fábregas and Lalanne wineries have been producing their wines for more than one hundred years. Would you like to know more? On the Rías Baixas Route in Galicia there is a winery belonging to the Zárate family with an 18th-century country manor on the estate.

Another option is to visit companies that have not yet reached their hundredth birthday, but which are still housed in unique buildings. This is the case of the Baroque palace of the Muruzábal Winery, on the Navarre Wine Route. In the same Region, you will love the traditional character of the Vega del Castillo, Sarría and Cosecheros Reunidos Wineries. The same can be said of the La Mancha Wine Route with the Castiblanque and Crisve Wineries.

Still to discover are other sites such as the Pedro Luis Martínez and Silvano García Wineries on the Jumilla Wine Route, in the Region of Murcia. There is also the island of Tenerife, on the Tenerife Wine Route, home to the Monje Winery: its balconies offer beautiful views of the sea, mountains and vineyards. Come and discover the wine culture of Spain by visiting these unique establishments. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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