Baños Viejos de Carballo Spa Resort

연락 정보

Calle Estrella 10
15100  Carballo, A Coruña  (Galicia)
전화번호:+34 981703354


Coruña, A

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    품질을 의미하는 Q de Calidad Turística 표시는 스페인 관광 산업의 품질을 보장하는 표시입니다.

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    스페인 국립 스파 협회(ANBAL).


Although some Roman remains have been found, the baths were rediscovered in 1716. The old spa was demolished and modern facilities were built to meet today’s demands. It is located in Carballo, the capital of the Bergantiños region. The spa is near excellent beaches and routes that are sure to be of interest to tourists; the Verdes Nature Reserve is especially worthy of note.



  • 치료 영역: Respiratory disorders, Rheumatic complaints
  • 요법: Bath, Hydropinic cure, Inhalations, Manual massage, Parafangos, Parafangos, Pressure jet, Showers
  • 기타 요법:  Thermal pool
  • 온천수의 특징: Radioactive, Sodium-rich, Sulphate-rich


이 근처에 무슨 볼거리가 있나요? (2km 반경 내)