Northern Route stage 14 A: Santander - Santillana del Mar


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Santander, Santa Cruz de Bezana, Boo de Pielagos, Arce, Oruña, Mogro, Miengo, Cudón, Requejada, Hinojedo, Ongayo, Puente Avíos, Camplengo, Santillana del Mar

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The Way of Saint James

루트 이름:
Northern Route

43,00 Km

이동 수단
  • 9,00. Horseback

  • 6,00. Bicycle

  • 7,00. Walking

주요 어려움
To go round the Pas estuary requires walking 8 kilometres until Puente Arce. There is an optional train between Boo de Piélagos to Mogro.

식물군, 동물군 및 농작물
The local vegetation consists mainly of eucalyptus, and there are several different species of birds of prey among the fauna.

Leather, suede, ceramics and wood.

음식 및 제과 관련 제품
Pastries, cakes and dairy products.