Olive oil

We're going to give you a unique opportunity to discover the fascination of olive oil and learn more about the roots of the Spanish oil-producing culture. But you'll have to make a choice, because there a number of different ways you can do so. You'll be able to explore the traditions of Spanish cities and towns, and –of course– to take part in olive oil tastings in some exceptional surroundings.Do you want to learn some of the secrets of the “liquid gold” of Spanish gastronomy? One highly recommended option is to do so while enjoying a memorable lunch and visiting an oil press set in the middle of an olive grove.You'll also be able to enjoy sampling sessions and discover different pairings of virgin olive oil, and be shown some of the most important properties of this product by an expert. Prepare your palate to celebrate this exquisite liquid delicacy.

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Spain 바르셀로나세비야마드리드말라가코르도바아 코루냐그라나다카디스발렌시아우에스카예이다루고무르시아알리칸테폰테베드라카스테욘라 리오하기푸스코아비스카야칸타브리아아스투리아스카세레스하엔부르고스톨레도지로나레온타라고나아라바-알라바우엘바세고비아바야돌리드알메리아사라고사테루엘아빌라살라망카나바라시우다드 레알사모라바다호스쿠엥카오렌세팔렌시아과달라하라소리아알바세테카나리아 제도발레아레스
Baleares 마요르카이비사메노르카포르멘테라
Canarias 란사로테라 팔마테네리페그란 카나리아푸에르테벤투라라 고메라엘 이에로