From the city to the country

Leave the city behind and come and take part in the country way of life. Would you like to take part in activities such as tending the animals, discovering what organic cattle farming is, harvesting, making cheese, becoming a shepherd for a day, etc.? Agrotourism can be great fun. Combine your stay in rural accommodation with tasks that are typical of this setting. Learn about the way of life in these areas and be part of their traditions. We offer several proposals in inland Spain and we tell you where to book the activities.

Castile-La Mancha

Castile-La Mancha Tourism

The wine harvest festival, shepherding, cultivating vegetable gardens, tending animals… Come and enjoy the most "natural" side of Castile-La Mancha. At the end of your holidays you'll be able to boast about taking part in aromatic and medicinal plant workshops, learning how to make liquor, learning how to make bread and cakes in a Moorish oven, and peeling and toasting saffron, because there are companies that organise these types of activities. And if you prefer to stay in a rural house that specialises in agrotourism, there are also many options. Some of them will suggest ideas depending on the time of year: wine harvest and wine making, pig slaughter, oil recycling (to make organic soap) and visits to mushroom fields. Enjoy life in the countryside!  

Also in this area

유용한 정보

  • >We recommend comfortable clothing and footwear for these activities.
  • >Book the activities in advance so the organisers know how many people are taking part, and what materials and resources they will need.

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In Castile-La Mancha


Navarre Tourism

Have you ever wanted to get away from the world and try something different, such as taking the cattle to the fields, or looking after a vegetable garden? Enjoy a fun experience in Navarre for a few days. Come and discover farm animals, watch a cow giving birth, pick fruit in the woods, make homemade products, collect honey, shear sheep, learn how to sow cereals, etc. These are some of the activities you'll be able to enjoy in Navarre . Another option is to go on an Agro-route: They are tourist routes based on the farming and agricultural activity. All you have to do is choose rural accommodation and the activities you prefer and... enjoy!


유용한 정보

  • >We recommend checking availability of country houses and activities.
  • >The activities take place outdoors and in a rural environment, so we recommend wearing comfortable clothing.
  • >It is a great idea for a family trip.
  • >For organised or tailor-made trips for groups we suggest Agro-routes.

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In Navarre

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