Monastery of Santa María de Montederramo

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Plaza de Montederramo, s/n
32750  Montederramo, Ourense  (Galicia)
전화번호:+34 988292072



Although this old Benedictine monastery's origin is medieval, it was rebuilt at the end of the 16th century in the Herrerian style.

The date of the monastery's founding document is 1124 and the date of Renaissance reconstruction carried out by architects Juan and Pedro de la Sierra, together with Juan de Tolosa, is 1158. The Herrerian-style church has three naves with semicircular vaults, a dome over the crossing and a façade with a triangular Renaissance pediment, dating from 1607. It preserves two cloisters, one Renaissance and the other Gothic, and several auxiliary rooms. It houses the Parish Museum, containing the church's old main altarpiece and several Baroque sculptures from the old monastery.

  • 건축: Monastery
  • 예술 시대: Renaissance

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