Santa Coloma de Cervelló

Colonia Güell Crypt

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Claudi Güell s/n
08690  Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona  (Catalonia)




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The church with twisted columns

This monument blends in perfectly with the surrounding countryside. It is considered one of Gaudí's most emblematic works for the architectural solutions he used.

Businessman Eusebio Güell commissioned Gaudí to build a church for his textile factory workers in the village of Santa Coloma de Cervelló. This job allowed the architect to try out many of the practical solutions he would go on to employ in later projects. The building could not be finished on account of financial problems, but the entranceway, crypt, staircase to the church, and the base of one of the bell towers were all completed. Access to the crypt is via the entranceway, a portico with a series of leaning columns. The crypt has a star-shaped polygonal floor plan, with brick and basalt pillars.

  • 건축: Church
  • 예술 시대: Modernism
  • 역사 시대: 20th Century

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