San Salvador de Priesca Church

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33316  Priesca, Villaviciosa, Asturias  (Asturias)
전화번호:+34 985976712



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The church was built after the death of Alfonso III and was consecrated in the year 921. It is much later than the pre-Romanesque churches.It has a basilica floor plan with three naves separated by triple, brick arches on thick pillars.The roof is made of wood with tripartite sanctuary with barrel arch roof.At the foot of the church is a tripartite narthax on which there is a wooden gallery.The sculptured decoration is poor, the pictorial remains are more important with figures, overelaborate scenes, representations of buildings and geometric motifs.

  • 건축: Church
  • 예술 시대: Pre-Romanesque
  • 역사 시대: 9th century

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