Botanical-Historical Gardens of La Concepción

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Camino del Jadín Botánico 3
29014  Málaga, Malaga  (Andalusia)
전화번호:+34 952250787
전화번호:+34 952252148
팩스:+34 952257442




The estate of La Concepción belonged to the Marquises of Casa Loring from 1850 through to 1990, when it was purchased by Malaga City Council. Its owners made it the centre of Malaga's social life and created an impressive park where they planted exotic species brought by their commercial fleet from Latin America, the Philippines and Australia. This is a romantic garden with winding paths, ponds, waterfalls and streams. It has lush semi-tropical vegetation and wonderful examples of rubber plants, palm trees and some spectacular Araucarias. Special mention should also be made of the Loringiano Museum, a small Doric style church, and the beautiful wisteria-covered pergola close to the palace.

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  • 다음에서 01 4월 다음까지 30 9월
  • 다음에서 월요일 다음까지 일요일 다음에서 09:30 - 19:30
  • 휴무일: Monday
  • 다음에서 01 10월 다음까지 31 3월
  • 다음에서 월요일 다음까지 일요일 다음에서 09:30 - 16:30
  • 휴무일: Monday

Closed: 25 December and 1 January


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