Santillana del Mar

Religious Play and Three Kings Parade in Santillana del Mar


  • 등급: Festivity of National Tourist Interest


The municipality of Santillana del Mar celebrates this festivity every year. The locals represent different scenes from the birth of Jesus.

The celebration starts with carol singing in the churches around the municipality and with a Nativity Scene contest. Then a Religious Play is represented, which includes several scenes such as the Roman Edict along the streets, the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem or the angel's Annunciation to the shepherds. And to finish the festivity, the Three Kings Parade goes round the town, where the people represent several scenes such as the visit to King Herod, and the Adoration in the stable.

유용한 정보

  • 날짜: 2016. 1. 5
  • 장소: Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)

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  • 2016. 1. 5

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