La Alternativa. Barcelona Independent Film Festival

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  • 활동: Festival
  • 주제: Cinema


La Alternativa, the Barcelona Independent Film Festival, is held at various venues around the Catalonian capital. The main stage is the Barcelona Contemporary Culture Centre (CCCB).

The main aim of the event is to present and promote independent cinematographic productions from Spain and overseas in four sections: shorts, feature films, animation and documentaries. Other parallel activities outside the competition, such as round tables, chats and talks complete the festival programme.

유용한 정보

  • 날짜: 날짜 미정 2016
  • 장소: Centro de Cultura Contemporánea
    Calle Montalegre 5
    08001. Barcelona (Catalonia)

연락 정보
전화번호 +34 933064100

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업무 시간

  • 날짜 미정 2016

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