Motor Racing: Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix

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This year, the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix will be held once again at the Catalonia Circuit, Montmeló, in the province of Barcelona, as part of the World Motor Racing Championship.

On the days running up to the race there will be free training sessions and qualifying laps to decide the line-up on the grid. The Catalonia Circuit has 65,700 seats, set over 14 grandstands, and more than 35,000 tickets for the grass. The unique layout of the circuit makes this race a special challenge for drivers.

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  • 날짜: 다음에서 2016. 5. 13 다음까지 2016. 5. 15
  • 장소: Circuit de Catalunya – Catalonia motor racing track
    Carretera Granollers, A PARED
    08160. Montmeló (Barcelona. Catalonia)

연락 정보
전화번호 +34 935719700
팩스 +34 935722772

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  • 다음에서 2016. 5. 13 다음까지 2016. 5. 15

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