Bustiello´s mining village visitor centre


A 2 kilómetros de la autovía A-66 Gijón-León, Bustiello
33612  Bustiello, Mieres, Asturias  (Asturias)
Tel::+34 985422185




Bustiello´s mining village

Bustiello´s mining village is an exception within the Asturian industry heritage. It was built between 1890 and 1925 by Sociedad Huellera Española, an important mining company of the industrial group and a Marqués of Comillas' property. The church, the monument, the club, the school, the hospital… and the engineers and workers' housing meet a studied architectural ensemble plan and an aesthetic care which are unsual. In order to discover Bustiello and understand the keys to the 'industrial paternalism' which it exemplifies, the route should start in the Visitors Centre located in one of the ancient houses, in Don Isidro´s house, where it is possible to find explanations about the geological and industrial importance of the mining area, as well as the Marqués of Comillas' corporate network, and finally, about the characteristics of the village from a historical, artistic and patrimonial point of view.

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  • 開始日 09/01 終了日 06/30
  • 土曜 ‐ 10:30 から 13:30 ‐ 16:30 から 18:30
  • 祝日 ‐ 11:00 から 13:30
  • 開始日 07/01 終了日 08/31
  • ‐ 水曜 終了日 日曜 ‐ 11:00 から 14:30 ‐ 16:00 から 18:30
  • 休館日: Monday, Tuesday
  • 閉館期間 開始日 01/10 終了日 02/15


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