Monastery of San Miguel de la Escalada


Carretera Nacional 601 León-Mansilla de las Mulas
24166  San Miguel de Escalada, Gradefes, León  (Castile-Leon)
Tel::+34 987333153



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    サンティアゴ巡礼道、最初の「ヨーロッパ文化の道」認定そして世界遺産。 詳細


Mozarabic splendour in León

The Monastery of San Miguel de La Escalada is a beautiful example of the Mozarabic style in the province of León. It was built by Cordoban monks in 913, and its cenobium has a sturdy Romanesque tower dating from the late 11th century.

The church belonging to the monastery has a basilical floor plan with three naves which are lined by horseshoe arches and covered with wooden ceilings. Particular highlights include the portico, formed by twelve horseshoe arches supported on columns with capitals.

  • 建造物: Monastery
  • 芸術的時代: Mozarabic
  • 歴史的時期: 10th century
  • 周辺: Mansilla de las Mulas (located in the heart of the Way of Saint James in León), the Monastery of Santa María de Gradefes and the Monastery of Villaverde de Sandoval.



  • 開始日 10/01 終了日 03/31
  • ‐ 水曜 終了日 土曜 ‐ 10:00 から 14:00 ‐ 16:00 から 18:00
  • 開始日 05/01 終了日 09/30
  • ‐ 10:00 から 14:00 ‐ 17:00 から 20:00
  • 祝日 と 日曜 ‐ 10:00 から 15:00
  • 休館日: Monday, Tuesday


  • 入場無料